Can I take out a home loan for land?

“I have been searching online to see if I can take out a home loan just for land? By home loan I mean a loan for a home and not a personal property loan like on a trailer court. Am I qualified for a home loan? I want to keep the loan as cheap as [...]

Find a Mortgage Lender has a great tool embed in their website that can search for local mortgage lenders. With this tool you’ll be able to find a low home loan, and low mortgage interest rates from hundreds of mortgage companies! Here is the link:

Finding a Mortgage Lender

Search for Local Lenders and Mortgage Options

This mortgage lender tool [...]

I want to Buy a Second Home?

“I currently own a home with value about $300000 or more and loan is about 369000, I want to see if I can buy a another home and keep this one also. I have a big family and would like to get another home, my FICO is 700 or more I am a self [...]

7 Tips to Improve Your Credit for First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers naturally don’t have much credit history to back them for a mortgage. Their Credit score, along with their overall income and debt, are big factors in determining whether they’ll qualify for a loan and what their loan terms will be. It’s very important to note that raising your credit score takes time [...]

Pre-Qualified Vs. Pre-Approved

Pre-Qualified Vs. Pre-Approved

Get Approved

Many people are confused with being pre-qualified and being pre-approved but luckily for you it’s very simple. It’s a matter of just understanding the basic requirement from a lender.

If you’re pre-qualified it means that you Potentially could get a loan for the amount stated to you, [...]

Real Estate Loans


Real Estate Loans should come first when Buying a Home

Real Estate Loans

When preparing to buy a home, You really need to determine how much money you have available for down payment and closing costs because that will affect almost every aspect of buying a home, including qualifying for a real estate loan. Lack [...]

10 Ways to Prepare for Homeownership

Home Ownership

10 Ways to Prepare for Homeownership

1. Decide what you can afford. When starting your journey into the world of homeownership, you first have to figure out in what you can afford. You need to see what your monthly limit is for a possible real estate loan you are going to take out.

2. Develop [...]