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Can I Sell a Home with a Unique Paint Job?

“Hi. I have a home that was new construction. It was originally painted white. I absolutely hate white and tan walls. All of the rooms have color, and when I say color I mean eggplant purple, red, hunter green…I am a ‘vivid’ person so I wanted my home to reflect who I am, not following the latest trend. I’ve read that such colors are a turnoff to buyers. Is that true? It has been my understanding, at least for me personally, that what helps sell a home is if the buyer sees something in it that they like.”

Selling a Home with a Unique Paint Job

Selling a Home with a Unique Paint Job

Sure, there are many people who appreciate a beautiful paint color but when it comes to color within the home, it’s more of personal preference. Just because you love eggplant purple doesn’t mean everyone that walks through your door is impressed by your blinding paint job. When the first thing that a potential buyer thinks about is the odd color of the rooms, you’re already at a disadvantage. First impressions are vital and with odd colors you imprint into their minds a negative feel for the house.

When you show your home you want people to be able to visualize it as THEIR home. When showing home you need to present it to the potential buyer as a home that they can grow with. As a seller you need to open up their imagination. When they start to mentally design the home to their tastes, it is already creating a feeling of home inside there minds. When they feel as if your home is there home, they will be more inclined to present an offer, and a respectable offer too. Let me ask you this question, Who would present an offer first a person would hates your home because of the colors or a person whom loves your home because they already have the colors that they like painted in their minds?

If you want go ahead and test this out, walk into the next open house you see. Walk around and see if you can see yourself living within the home. Can you create a sense of home or not? If not take note as to what it was that turned you off. I bet you’ll come back saying that the home is not to your taste. You would have evaluated the home on something other then its potential for you. You would have evaluated it more on the feel it gives you then if the home fits your needs as a buyer.

If you don’t want to paint every room, that’s fine. A way to compromise is to paint the areas where most buyers create their first impressions of the home. The rooms I suggest to paint are the family rooms, the kitchen, living room, and den. I recommend those same colors you hate because it leaves a blank canvas for the potential buyer to create their home.

Tips to compensate for the unique paint job:

  • Check the condition of the front door. Make sure it is clean and impressive! Buy a new welcome mat.
  • Make sure the house is clean, neat and uncluttered.
  • Create a feeling of spaciousness in living areas by storing unnecessary furniture and accessories.
  • Maximize natural light, pleasant fragrance.
  • Leave soft music playing on the stereo.
  • Keep pets outside. Not everyone likes animals. If your house has a smell, it just won’t sell!

Hoped this helped, if you need any more answers feel free to Contact Us again

-Walter Grande

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