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The Staten Island railroad is the life blood of the working man in Staten Island. MTA Staten Island Railway (SIR) notably like the Subway system, runs twenty-four hours a day between the St. George and Tottenville stations, with service continuing overnight after most day peak traffic has ceased.  At the St. George station, customers can make connections with Staten Island Ferry service. Each and every stop hold importance to individuals. It also hold importance to the towns the train stops are located.

Staten Island Railway The train provides each Staten Islander the ability to commute in Manhattan with ease.  There are other ways too commute into the city but the SIR to the Ferry is one of the least expensive. Currently the Staten Island Railway is free too ride, providing those without transportation, the ability to travel the Island.

The Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority, is the operator of the lone rapid transit line operating in the borough of Staten Island, New York City. It is considered a standard railroad line, but only freight service along the western portion of the North Shore Branch is connected to the national railway system. Along the separate Main Line SIR operates with modified R44 New York City Subway cars but there is no rail link between the Main Line and the subway system proper.

The current SIR line has been completely grade separated from intersecting roads since 1966. The first line of what is now the Staten Island Railway opened in 1860 to Tottenville. If the SIR were considered part of the subway, this would be the oldest continually operated subway system right-of-way in New York City.

Here is a Staten Island Railroad Schedule in PDF Form: SIR Schedule

Quoting from the MTA NYC Transit General Information Page

MTA Staten Island Railway

Wheelchair accessibility

The St. George*, Dongan Hills, Great Kills, and Tottenville stations are wheelchair-accessible. *Please Note: The St. George ramp provides access between the main terminal concourse and the railroad terminal from which the railroad platforms can be accessed; however, the ramp does not provide direct access to a specific platform.


The Weekday schedule will be in effect on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Election Day. The Weekend schedule will be in effect on New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Free Park & Ride lots are available at the Huguenot, Annadale, and Dongan Hills stations. Municipal parking lots are available at Great Kills and Stapelton stations. All other SIR stations offer metered and free on-street parking. Click here for a SIR map.

Telephone Numbers MTA Staten Island Railway: 718-876-8261

Staten Island Ferry: 718-727-2508

MTA New York City Transit Subway and Bus Travel Information: 718-330-1234, 6 am to 9 pm. Non-English-Speaking Customers 718-330-4847. TTY/TDD Users Only 718-596-8273. Customers With Disabilities 718-596-8585

Rules for the Road

Liquids in an open container may not be brought aboard any train. This includes coffee, soda and any alcoholic beverages. Smoking is prohibited on all trains at all times. Unnecessary noise caused by radios or other sound producing devices is prohibited. The use of radios and other devices with earphones or headphones that are inaudible to others is permitted. Bulky articles are not permitted aboard the train. Bicycles are permitted under limited circumstances.

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