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Real Estate Terms starting with (Z)

The Following are real estate terms and topics: Starting With the Letter (Z)

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Are you confused and overwhelmed by the extensive terms and words used in real estate? Every person working in real estate or planning to buy or sell real estate can benefit from learning some of the terms….

Real Estate Terms Z

Real Estate Terms Z

Zero coupon financing
A form of bond financing in which principal and interest payments are deferred until the bonds mature.  The lender provides the mortgage money to the borrower and issues mortgage-backed zero coupon bonds to investors who are willing to wait until maturity for both repayment of interest and principal.

Zero lot line
Lot where a home is set to the lot boundary, which leaves very little space between the houses.

Zero percent mortgage,  (zpm)
An interest-free mortgage with a short term, such as five years.  Under tax law, the homeowner is entitled to a ten percent interest deduction, and the seller is required to include a corresponding amount as interest income, due to the rules of imputed interest.

An area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic

A term used in urban planning for a system of land-use regulation in various parts of the world.

Zoning map
A map that shows the existing use classification for each parcel within a local jurisdiction.

Zoning ordinance
Part of a duly adopted municipal code that establishes the type and amount of development that is permissible in specific zoning districts and which also establishes other development controls

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