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Real Estate Courses for Buyers?

 Real Estate Courses for Buyers?Real Estate Courses for First Time Buyers?

“I’m planning on buying my first home in the next few months. I’ve heard that some realties have their own courses for first time buyers. Is it better to attend the courses or just trust your real estate agent? Also what companies are good for first time buyers?

Any advice you can give is appreciated! Thanks!

Oh and I’ll be purchasing in Upstate New York”

Well if the courses are free, which I am sure they are, and time permits you should take them. Being a real estate agent in Staten Island, New York I am unaware of which realties in upstate New York are best for first time buyers. Even if a franchise by me handles first time buyers well, it doesn’t me that their policies and tactics will transfer over. I would spend less time worrying about the education you are being offered, and with which real estate agent you are going to select.

When selecting an agent you should choose one in which someone recommends to you or one you think you’ll feel comfortable with. When it comes to selecting a real estate agent a major fact should be chemistry between you and your agent. As a first time buyer should have an agent you can trust and fully communicate with. You shouldn’t be intimidated to ask them any question. When working with your agent you have to ask yourself if you like and respect that agent. Being that buying a home is a personal transaction there is a lot of stress is involved, and having someone you are comfortable with is invaluable.

Bottom line is that you should interview multiple agents from different realties before settling on anyone.

Hoped this helped, if you need any more answers feel free to Contact Us again

-Walter Grande

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