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Response: Do I have to pay the Realtor?

Do I have to pay the Realtor?

Do I have to pay the Realtor?

“I’m checking out rental properties online, hopefully I’ll find something worth putting a deposit down on. I’m had a friend in the Annadale look at a few locations & take pictures… If I contact the Realtor to get more info, or have her show my friend a few properties, and end up signing a lease with her… Do I have to pay her??? Or is she already being paid by the person who listed their home with her company? If you could let me know that’d be great! Thanks Kim”


Real Estate Agents are normally paid by the owner whom gave them the listing either for the purpose of finding them a renter, or in the hopes of finding them a buyer for their property. Just ask the real estate agent when you first make contact with him/her about whether there will be a fee charged too you. Real estate agents our required to disclose who will be paying the commission - but just simply ask them when you make contact.

Hope this helps ease your jitters.

Good Luck Kim, If you need any more help feel free to Contact Us again

If you know anyone in my area of Staten Island, New York that is in need of a good real estate agent, feel free to have him or her contact us as well.

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1 comment to Response: Do I have to pay the Realtor?

  • Kim


    Thank SO SO SO much for answering my question. I have been looking online and noone has been responding too me. I just wanted to say Thank You

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