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Locating an real estate agent for a Investors?

Selecting A Good Investing Agent

Selecting A Good Agent for an Investor

“I am a real estate investor and am looking for an experienced real estate agent as well as a real estate broker who specializes with investors. Can you please tell me how to find one, I have googled, ect and haven’t come up with much.
Thank you.


Most Real Estate Agents our trained and specialize in brokering deals for residential homes. Being that as it may, you may find it hard to locate an agent whom has experience in locating and brokering investment deals. When I say investment deals, I mean the type of deal where the home needs to be improved upon. Most agents don’t understand how to locate and evaluate a property with an investor’s eye. There are a few tactics I would suggest to locate an Investors Agent.

Being that you probably want to invest in your local area, I suggest you start calling local realties and asking if any of their agents work with investors or investment properties. I understand this task is time consuming but in order to find the correct agent, it will take work. After you have called a few realties and have the names and numbers of their suggested agents, start calling each to setup appointments and interviews.

Another way is to join a real estate investment group AND BE ACTIVE within the group. In most areas, there are landlord associations and/or a real estate investment groups. These groups are the best way to network with like mind individuals, whom will be looking for help and guidance just like you. They are gateways to improving your knowledge within the area of real estate investments.

You also have the option of just going for a little ride in your neighborhood or local area. Look for complexes, lots, or homes, which have either realty offices managing them or an investment group. Once you have the names of the groups or offices that our managing the types of properties you are looking to invest in, call them for an appointment.

It’s really up to you to do your homework, and find the best course of action for yourself.

Walter Grande

If you know anyone in my area of Staten Island, New York that is in need of a good real estate agent, feel free to have him or her contact us as well.

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1 comment to Locating an real estate agent for a Investors?

  • One of the best practices that I use when finding people for my team, whether it be a realtor or even an accountant, is to make sure that they are an investor as well.

    Investors know what other investors need. Investors know the tricks of the trade. Investors will serve you the best, because their business is built on networking.

    There are a lot of people out there who specialize in different areas who are also investors. Investors know how to find the loopholes and be creative.

    So, find the investors. They will help you get farther than one who doesn’t invest because they think differently.

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