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Home Inspector: You Have Questions They Better Have Answers

Home Inspector

Home Inspector

We always advise to screen anyone that you decide to business with. Never settle for the first person even if you know that he is the guy that you want to work with. Give your self the luxury of OPTIONS. So here are a few things that you should definitely incorporate into your screening process.

Always ask for his qualifications

Why him instead of somebody else? Allow him to prove himself to you with credentials, a list of past clients, guarantees etc. When and if he gives you a list of past clients, make sure you are able to contact a few of them so you can ask questions about the inspector’s work. This alone will probably be your best way to determine who to go with because generally past clients will tell you the truth and also shows the inspector is confident in himself to allow you to ask around.

Is he Licensed ?

Ask him if he holds a current license because inspectors are not required to be licensed in every state. If he is, of course that is 100x better because he hold to certain standards and training. See if they carry professional errors and omission insurance (always ask for a copy of the policy).

Research for your Home Inspector

We all know that experience is the best teacher because we all know anyone could sleep through training (Have you ever been to a doctor and feel a dog could have diagnosed you faster?) So ask how busy he is and how many inspections of properties does he perform each year.

Understand the Basics

Always find out what exactly the inspection should cover (you can check out an article and comment on that will give you an idea that the inspector should cover). Find out the specifics! Learn how long the inspection will take and when will you receive (and what type of) a report. This is a good question to ask the past clients to see if he is a man of his word. In fact all these questions are good questions to ask past clients to see if everything pans out.

Get the Price

Oh yea and ask how much it will cost. I almost forgot that one J!

Again, just like any post on if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and/or leave a comment. If you have anything else to add to this post of course don’t hesitate to leave a comment so that you can provide our passengers with the most information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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