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Home Improvements to Sell Quicker

“I am planning on listing my home later this month, are there any tips to make my home seem more appealing? I was thinking about getting some flower baskets by the front door. Sara”

Home Improvements to Sell Quicker

Home Improvements to Sell Quicker

There are endless amounts of home improvements that could assist in speeding up the selling process. If you are serious about moving, and you really want too move fast, start packing now! I understand that it seems like a huge chore but you have to do it anyways and the less personal items in the rooms for a showing the better. When I say pack, I don’t mean pack away everything just the non-essentials that are not purely decorative.

  • A Buyer Distraction: You can even pack the frames with family pictures, its unconsciously distracting to potential buyers.
  • Freshen up the Walls: A cheap but majorly annoying thing to do is paint. You want to de-personalize your home, so potential buyers can mentally create the rooms there own way. Fresh paint can change a house in an instant and when buyers see the fresh paint they instantly think that you have kept up with all sorts of repairs and general upkeep…it’s a psychological thing.
  • Clean those Windows: Another thing is to make sure your windows are sparkling and if you have any heavy drapes or anything blocking the windows get rid of them, sunlight is your friend. Most showings are during the day and light streaming through the windows brightens up any room.
  • CLEAN UP: The absolutely most important thing is to clean. It costs nothing though it is a lot of work but it makes an amazing difference…that first impression means everything in this case.
  • Create the invisible Pet: If you have pets, especially dogs do anything you can to get rid of the pet odor that will turn people away at the door. You may be used to it and most pet owners are but other people will notice.

If you are having open houses, do some small touches like fresh flowers and bake some cookies. That is just a few ways to improve your home for a sale. There are endless amounts of ways, and I am sure you’ll find some more.

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