Foreclosures Continue to Flood Market

Foreclosures Continue to Flood Market

Foreclosures Continue to Flood Market

Its said in the article that “The U.S. housing market is being flooded with foreclosed homes held by trusts managing pools of securitized mortgages.”

This isn’t a good thing at all for sellers or persons thinking about selling. Your home’s value is determined by your homes neighboring properties and the area in which you reside. If your area is flooded with undervalued home, your home doesn’t have a shot to produce a fair market return.

If you do plan on selling your home, you need to research comparable homes that are in foreclosure near you. If there are any home, evaluate how your home matches up and then proceed accordingly. If your home can return proper value go ahead and list it. If their are too many foreclosures on the market that are comparable, wait it out.

Its said in the article that “The dump isn’t over yet with thousands of properties still awaiting sale.”

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Foreclosures Continue to Flood Market

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