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Real Estate Taxi Staten Island was created to provide first time home buyers and sellers the necessary information to allow them to work with and/or select real estate agents effectively. We also want to guide them through each step and every step of the often rigorous real estate process. my card small About Real Estate Taxi

We are equipped with articles, how-to’s, e-books, and various real estate links. is your one stop to intelligently and effectively finding, buying and selling your home in the least amount of time possible. Being well versed in the real estate industry is extremely important when working with and/or hiring an agent. You will find that when you become more real estate savvy, you are more than prepared to hire the right agent and weed out the wrong ones. After absorbing the materials that we have available to you and once you’ve chosen the best agent, you will be more than capable to productively work with (and more importantly trust) your real estate agent to get the results YOU want. I am a licensed real estate saleperson from Robert DeFalco Realty Staten Island, New York. The pages and posts are opinions of myself and contributors of this website, and do not represent the opinions of my broker. Enjoy!