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Tips for Staten Island Home Buyers

Buying a home on Staten Island isn’t the hardest thing. There are signs posted just about everywhere you look. The only problem is that you never know if its going to be the right house for you. Here are bits of wisdom for anyone thinking of buying a home soon:

  • Just because there is an open house doesn’t mean you should  stop and go in.
  • Real estate agents truly do want too help you get into the right home for you.
  • Ask for help, the real estate business is a tough place, you shouldn’t have too go at it alone.
  • Plan for the future when searching and selecting a new home.
  • Allows have a list a questions when walking into a new home.
  • You may not be able too afford your dream home right now, but you should opt for a starter home so you can save and build equity.
  • Look at properties with a builders eye, see if you can potentially improve the home.
  • No-one is ever comfortable with having to spend the money on a new home.
  • Before searching for a home you should get a Pre-Qual from a Mortgagor.
  • Never negotiate on a home emotionally, always know when too walk away.
  • You should absolutely think about saving for closing costs.
  • Always insist on a home inspection. It will give you  peace of mind.

I’m going too try and work on more funny ones. Any Ideas comment and I’m add your comment too the post along with a link too your site

Best of luck from Walter Grande Licensed Real Estate Saleperson

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